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Kissing secrets


Kissing different parts of your partner’s face and paying special attention to the ears and neck. Also biting softly on the lower lip and nibbling gently on the earlobe will do the magic.

I suggest this start with gentle kisses on the neck, move up to the ear, then go to the lips. Take some small breaks and then come back to the lips.

Put your whole body into the kiss, without words, your lips should say, ‘Baby, there’s more where that came from!’ There are ways to keep it fresh and new all the time.”

Put a hand on your kissing partner’s neck “It adds passion, like ‘I can’t get enough.’ And let’s be honest, that’s what makes for a great kiss.”

Don’t get hung up on what a kiss might lead to. Enjoy it for its own sake. “A great kiss is an adventure in itself, not a stepping point to something else.”

“A good kiss is deep and soulful and you should feel each other’s love through the kiss,”

Why am I taking about this coz, you’ve got to keep kissing in the game. Remember that the emotional importance of a kiss is where it all begins and you shouldn’t let it go just because you’ve known someone for a long time.”