Kiss Like You Mean It!


By Drs. Les & Leslie

 A kiss can mean different things at different times – good morning, good bye, I missed you, I’m sorry, I love you, I’m in the mood, and so on.  

But perhaps the sweetest of all kisses is the good night kiss that says I’m going to be missing you even while I sleep. Remember when you were dating each other and how difficult it was to say good night after a date? You’d say goodnight countless times with just as many kisses.  

Poets and lyricists have done their best to capture the magic and mystery of a kiss. But we think a brief line from the book of Proverbs says it best: “An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips.”   Solomon, in all his wisdom, equaled a kiss on the lips to an honest answer. When we are kissing our spouse on the lips, especially as a way to say good night, we are conveying our honest feelings.

It’s a kind of lover’s short hand to the questions we rarely articulate but deeply feel:  
1. Do you still love me, in spite of all the mistakes I make?
2. Do you still want to be with me when I burn the toast, leave my clothes on the floor, and all the rest?  

A kiss on the lips is a way of honestly answering in the affirmative these unspoken questions.
So give kissing some special consideration. Don’t take it for granted. “Soul meets soul on lovers’ lips,” says poet Percy Bysshe Selley. So don’t kiss flippantly. Give one another a real good kiss and then enjoy the intimacy of a couple whose love is as honest as their hearts.


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