Thank you honey!


thankyouLove the man you’re with. Want the man you have. Treat him like he IS the man you want, regardless of how you feel. At one time, he WAS the man of your dreams, but life has a way of ripping the rose colored glasses off one’s eyes especially when financial woes come on the scene. Suddenly, all those cute mannerisms that endeared you to your man, grate on your nerves to no end. This month I want you to put those rose colored glasses back on and stop seeing the quirky habits that make you nuts. Instead, thank him.

Thank your husband for going to work, for coming home each evening, for providing for you and the kids. I understand that you may be struggling financially but if he is working, then THANK HIM. I once heard a wife say in a group, “Well, HER husband is RICH!” One does not need to be a rocket scientist to know that comment cut to the core of her husband’s soul.

Regardless of your financial situation, encourage your husband and make it easy for him to be creative, so that he will find his calling and flourish in it. It is said, behind every successful man is found a great woman. BE that great woman that helps him become everything he is called to be. No one ever rises above condemnation to become better.

Oswald Chambers says, “… the effect of criticism knocks all the gumption and power out of a person. Criticism is deadly in its effect because it divides one’s powers and prevents one being a force for anything.”

Whew! Now I don’t want to be guilty of that, and I KNOW you don’t either. Words are POWERFUL. They have the power to build up or to tear down. Criticism will paralyze your husband from becoming everything he is called to be.

Remember: Your words have more power to build him up or tear him down than anyone because you complete him. Make him stronger by wearing those rose colored glasses over your eyes and duct tape over your mouth, and in turn watch him turn back into the man of your dreams. Thank your husband for each thing he does both verbally and in handwritten notes.


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