5 ways to Overcome Sexual Soul Ties


Relationship Advice by Quentin McCall

Having sexual intercourse with someone creates a bond between you and that person. This is what I call a sexual soul tie (Please read my blog, “3 things you need to know about Sexual Soul Ties” to learn more). Soul ties can cause us to get caught into cycles of insecurity, poor relationship choices, unhealthy or harmful lifestyles. We’ve all done things and made bad decisions and choices. We must root out what caused us to do those things and then we can begin our healing. Breaking free of these ties and healing allows you to give 100% of yourself in your current (or future) relationship.  

Time does not heal all wounds. We must take action to be delivered from soul ties. We overcome sexual soul ties through the heart, the mouth, and the blood of Jesus. This is the same way you come to salvation… the heart, the mouth, and the blood of Jesus. The same covenant of how you get saved and come to God is how you get delivered from sexual soul ties.

Here are 5 steps to help you overcome and break your sexual soul ties:

(1) Forgive and repent:
Forgiveness begins your healing. You must forgive people who have hurt or wronged you. You must also forgive yourself for hurting others or causing yourself pain. Though forgiveness is not easy, you must be accountable. Forgiveness is more for you than the other person.

If your soul tie is not connected to abuse (molestation, rape, etc…), after you forgive then you must repent to God for the sin that caused that soul tie.

(2) Reject all words:
Those words that you continue to play back in your mind are a part of what is holding you to the person that you are soulishly tied to. Good or bad, you must renounce (in the name of Jesus) everything that person said to you. Let go of the letters, cards, emails, etc…

(3)Remove / Destroy anything holding you to that person:
As you are praying for God to purge your spirit, you must also have natural actions (“…faith without works is dead” – James 2:20, KJV). Action causes faith activation. So, you need to throw away all material items that connect you to that person (e.g. cards, letters, clothes, watches, shoes, furniture, sexy garments, etc…).

Those tangible items symbolize the ungodly soul tie that you have with that person. You must break free and begin to purge these things from you in the natural.

(4) Speak against the ungodly soul ties in your spirit:
Ask God to remove that person and break the tie between you. Let God know that you are aware of your sexual soul tie and what you have done or what was done to you. You must pray specifically and call the person or people by name. This will begin to loose and release the chains that are on your life because of the soul tie.

(5) Continue Prayer:
As you begin to be released from your sexual soul ties, continue to pray for guidance and direction from the Lord. Pray for direction in your decision making. Pray for healing and total deliverance. Most importantly, say a prayer of thanksgiving for being set free.

Ultimately, realizing where you are and admitting where you are is what is going to set you free. You have to be the right one before you can have the right one. Breaking free of sexual soul ties is a step towards being the right one. Also, if you are finding it difficult to break free on your own, do not be ashamed to get the help that you need. Seek your healing.


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