Getting in the Mood


Setting the right mood, from your thoughts and feelings to where you do your loving, will greatly determine how the deeper currents of love will be expressed.

When the hormones were wild and unbridled, any place for sex would do. When life settles into the more mundane, the setting is often compromised. An unmade bed, dirty clothes, room clutter and an “It doesn’t matter” attitude puts a damper on the lovemaking.

Spend regular sensual time with your partner so that the sexual energy has balance to it. If sex is saved for the last activity of the day, the expectation and pressure can bring undue stress…

Create the time to share an intimate meal, complete with music, candles and flowers ( you can use what you have, just make the meal special). Take walks together, these are very interesting you can really discuss so much by just walking. Shower together mmmhh i never want to miss this especially over the weekends when we can lazy around, lakini if you share a bathroom with the other family members be careful …  Spread the sexual feelings over many activities, so it’s not just left for the bedroom.

Dressing in something sensual, such as lingerie, a silk slip, short skirt, silk blouse or anything that makes you feel sexy. You can also feel incredibly sexy by going without your bra and underwear throughout your day – eeehh here be careful not to attract the wrong ‘fela’

The bedroom doesn’t always need to be set perfectly but you can do little things that add an erotic dimension to make it more sensual. It comes down to simple things like clean sheets to slide into and clothes put away – very important aspect of our busy lives … make the bedroom clean. A small tip, go buy many bed sheets and keep changing them … it makes eeehh the loving making mzuri … a clean place to …

While a comfy t-shirt may keep you warm, every woman knows the sexy feelings while wearing lingerie. Men will delight in the visual effect. You can’t go wrong. Yes yes yes …. please don’t ware those t-shirts that are just a turn off … and my dears put on the lingerie, forget the curves and the extra weight … just love you and wear something hot … you will feel very good about yourself. But please don’t parade in front of kids … this is for your hubby

Light a few candles spray a light scented fragrance and a put on some soft music. Turn down the lights. Warm somebody oil. Ambiance can heighten just about any romantic situation.

Love yourself and the way you smell

Whether you turn your bedroom into a perfect love-making place or have a quickie against the wall, the mood is vitally important. When your radar is tuned in to the sexual currents, you’ll quickly find ways to make the setting work. Here I mean that your mind needs to feel sexy …

Thought for Today

Many women are content to allow their partners to control the sexual activities. A mutually satisfying  relationship requires that you take charge of expressing your wants and needs as much as he does. By initiating the action you’re building your confidence and expressing your desire. Seduce him from time to time—we’re pretty sure he won’t mind.

Try this Today

Do you know what you smell like? According to Harvard research, scent is responsible for sexual responses more than any other sense in the body. That means that you might look good, but what you smell like is even more important.

Take some time to explore your body’s natural smells. Your hands, armpits, breasts, feet and yes, those intimate areas your partner is liable to smell. Feeling sexy is about feeling comfortable about all of you… including that way you smell. Mmmmhh will you really try this … it’s my homework for you today .. please try it out .. you will surprise yourself …



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