The dance of communication


Handling confrontations is an art like dance. Here are some steps you can take to master the dance of communication:

  1. Never use the silent treatment.
  2. Never use lies to cover up short comings.
  3. Don’t get in-laws or friends involved right away.
  4. Don’t be subjective in making any conclusions.
  5. Never jump into conclusions, communicate and talk it over.
  6. Discuss what actually happened, don’t judge.
  7. Find out all the facts rather than start guessing at the motives.
  8. Learn to understand each other, not to defeat each other.
  9. Use future and present tense talking, not past tense.
  10. Concentrate on the major problem; don’t divide attention by mixing in other minor problems.
  11. First take care of the problems that hurt feelings in the relationship, and then take care of the problems arising from just differences in opinions.
  12. Use “I feel” statements; don’t use “you are” statements.

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