What You Focus On, Grows


We’ve all heard the expression, what you put your attention on, grows. This is certainly true when it comes to our sexuality.
Just think about where most teens have their attention. The majority of advertising and media aimed at this age is designed to keep sex top of their mind. Is it any wonder that parents want to lock up their daughters?
What you focus on grows. When sexual interest begins to wane—for whatever reason—we tend to zero in on what is missing. It comes out in simple statements like, “Remember when we could make love all night long?” or “How come you don’t touch me the way you used to?” The questions may reveal the reality but they emphasize what’s missing and what’s no longer in focus.
Little issues have a subtle way of drawing your attention and growing so they become the issue of the day. Unless it’s addressed early, small problems grow, and the larger the problem, the more difficult it becomes to address the solution.
In spite of all sexual messages sent to us daily, we are still reluctant to talk sex in a meaningful, deeper way. Talking sex is more than talking about what turns you on (or what turns you off). That’s just the mechanics of sex. More importantly is talking about the emotions that are tied into sexuality.
Lasting change comes from making small changes daily. Start today and make a conscious decision to become aware of your sexual feelings. As you begin to rediscover these feelings and let them come into your conscious mind, you’ll be surprised at the feelings you have hidden away. Sexual cues are all around us in pictures, music, foods, touches and smells. By taking a moment to enjoy them as they pass through, you’ll be encouraging their presence in your life.
Try this
Take charge of your passion. Many women are content to allow their partners to control the sexual activities. A mutually satisfying relationship requires that you take charge of expressing your wants and needs as much as he does. By initiating the action you’re building your confidence and expressing your desire. It doesn’t have to be the ‘full monty’… just make sure you’re the one who’s in charge. Seduce him from time to time—I’m pretty sure he won’t mind.


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