How Much Sex is “Normal”?


Sex is a very important part of most marriages and a good sex life often points to a good marital relationship and vice versa. However, most experts are reluctant to quantify what is “normal” in terms of a couple’s frequency of sexual relations. That’s because some couples don’t have sex very often and both partners are satisfied with their sex life.

Other couples may have sex quite often, but it is still not enough for one partner. How often married couples have intercourse varies depending on age, social class, how long they have been married, whether they have children, as well as a number of other factors.

However, having sex once or twice a week is considered average and having sex fewer than 10 times a year is considered sexless and research has shown that sexless marriages are generally less happy and more prone to divorce.

There is no prescription for the proper amount of sex a couple should be having, as long as both are satisfied with the frequency with which they have sex. However, if either partner is not satisfied with the amount of sex they are having, then it becomes a problem for both partners.

Simply telling the partner with more desire to “tough it out” or the partner with low desire to “always give in and do it anyway” is not a workable solution. A caring compromise can and must be reached.

Please let us know your comment on how much is normal …


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  2. Perfect lessons. Sex is not! Merelly. Physical but emmotional n spìrituual. So the quuaality n frequency of sex depends on the rellatioonship

  3. I too agree that in married couples sex cant take place everyday but it should happen at least twice a week.I also agree that without sex in marriage then that marriage is cant no food no colapses.

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  5. Nyakwar Ayombi.
    I know of a community where a polygamous husband has to sleep in the house of the wife who has just received some serious beating to console her and asure her of his Love for her and that the beating was just part of the discipline and not rejection. In fact the man will have sex with the wife and in the morning things are back to normal. Sex takes away all the anger and rejuvenates the Love. Lots of sex among married couples is good prescription for sustained marriage. Ignore it at your own peril.

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