Orgasmic experience for the lady …


Give it to her ...Mmmmhh this is for Ndoa Kitandani (the married and in the bedroom) and recommended for married couples. The reason I am recommending this to married couples is because they have developed trust with each other, which is vital to fully pleasure each other and get the orgasmic experience.

Sex and trust go hand in hand and a woman will fully enjoy sex when she can totally trust her man and give herself to him completely. She also needs to allow herself to enjoy the moment without thinking about what is cooking in the kitchen, the baby crying next door, my fat bum, my flat boobs, amenikosea … all this things put them aside and enjoy the moment.

As for the men, you must be willing to be selfless and give it to her and let her enjoy. Its n0t easy for men but if you do it for your woman you will forever want to do it again and again. So during these holidays get a day when you and her can have some orgasmic experience …

I will illustrate some simple techniques that will give you that orgasmic experience:

Do it with care ...Technique 1: Sing to her clit…

1. First you need to lie directly between her legs.

2. Spread her vaginal lips far apart.

3. Locate her clitoris beneath the clitoral hood.

4. Using only your tongue, lick very gently up and down or side to side.

5. While licking the clitoris you can slowly insert your finger into her vagina, twisting in and out.

Technique 2: Using your fingers

1. You need to first wet two fingers using your saliva.

2. Insert your fingers slowly but deeply inside her vagina.

3. Now very quickly slip your fingers out of her vagina and slide them over her clitoris again.

4. Place your fingers back into her vagina again.

5. Repeat, but prolong your contact with her clitoris.

6. When you feel her having an orgasm, pull out of her vagina and focus on her clitoris.

Technique 3: Play between vagina and penis before penetration

1. You need to first obtain an erection.

2. Use your hand and press the head of your penis using a circular motion against her clitoris.

3. Slide it down to her vagina with no penetration then slide it back again.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 several times before penetrating only the head of your penis.

5. Finally, when your partner is very excited and wet you can enter the vagina with your penis.

Technique 4: “The Delayed Orgasm”

1. You first need to tell her you want her to lie back as still as possible while you lick her clitoris.

2. The object is for her to resist having an orgasm as long as she can.

3. Why does this work? You are relieving her of all the pressure of having to perform. She doesn’t have to act because she has enough time to orgasm.



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