Foreplay Foreplay Foreplay !!:


What is foreplay?

Foreplay is anything before the act of intercourse that gets you excited. It takes women a lot longer than men to get aroused. A woman needs a lot of kissing, caressing, and caring words. Wherever you begin, make sure it’s comfortable and private. You want no interruptions.

How important is kissing?

Kissing is a great form of foreplay. It can also be wildly exciting in itself. Start your kissing slow and gentle, but be firm and authoritative. Don’t immediately open your mouth. Focus on using your lips to kiss her cheeks, her chin, and her neck. Then you can draw her lower lip into your mouth and run the tip of your tongue across her teeth. Caress her while you are kissing her.

When you start to use your tongue, try to keep your tongue slightly pointed and play little games with her tongue. Try focusing on teasing her a little. One thing you also might want to do is explore her gum line a little. That area can be very sensitive.

What should I do with my hands when I am kissing her?

What you do with your hands is very important in arousing a woman. As the kissing goes on fondle her through her clothes. Gently caress her breasts and locate her nipples through the garment. While you are kissing her lips and massaging her breasts, begin to unbutton, unzip, or slip down the top of her garment. As you are pulling her garment down, kiss along her sensual areas. The key to undressing is to take a lot of time with each item of clothing and as you remove each part of her clothing show special attention to that area.

Where are her erogenous (sensitive) zones?

Each body part is an erogenous zone, so treat it accordingly. Take it portion by portion. Rushing shows little confidence, so take it slow. Remember the best takes time. Pay special attention to these sensitive areas: toes, lips, lower back, gums, teeth, tongue, nipples, earlobes, eyebrows, buttocks, ears, temple, inside of thigh.


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