4 Good Family Rituals to Embrace


Every family is different.  What works for one might not work for another.  I don’t want to create a lot of pressure here that you need to be doing something that just doesn’t fit.  You should pick and choose the rituals you think your family will enjoy and cherish.  They don’t have to be complicated, formal or expensive.  Your family rituals just need to bring you together so you can bond and create a few lasting memories.

Here are some starter ideas for family rituals you may want to consider.

1.  Eating Dinner Together

Researchers have found that families that sit down at the table and eat dinner together have some serious advantages over those that don’t.  I know everyone is busy, but making this a priority at least 3 to 4 times per week can really have a big impact.  This ritual gives everyone a chance to bond and share their experiences from the day which creates a strong feeling of belonging.  It is also an important teaching time where parents can instill family values.  The communication that goes on at the family dinner table is priceless.  It is an opportunity that you don’t want to miss.  Making this one of your family rituals is something you’ll never regret.

2.  Game Night

A family that plays together stays together.  Whether it is Monopoly, softball or the latest video game, having a regular family game night is a ritual that works.  It brings everyone together, teaches sportsmanship and creates a sense of camaraderie.  You can pop popcorn, play music and hand out a winner’s trophy.  Make it fun, make it memorable and make it last.  You don’t have to always play the same games or even be in the same place.  Your games can change with the seasons and the age of your family.  The important thing is to make it a ritual that everyone expects, is successful at and looks forward to every week.

3.  Holidays

Think back to your childhood.  What memories do you cherish the most?  Some of your most vivid recollections probably have to do with your school holidays, birthdays or other special events.  These powerful mental images create lasting family connections.  Tell stories about this moments, let your child learn what happened in your old times. In case you have pictures its time to show your kids. Let them get to see the young you …old times.

Then make it a ritual that on special days like birthdays one of the family member is given a chance to organize take pictures and make the day a success of course with your help. Then reward them for the effort they put in. This gives them a chance to learn what responsibility is all about.

These times especially Christmas and end year family dinners its time to talk about how the year has been …give compliments to all your kids for the work they have put in for the whole year and let them feel special for being there…

Making the way you celebrate into a ritual will reinforce the strength of these memories all the more.  Give everyone a part in making the celebration special and compliment them profusely for how good of a job they do.  This will become something your family will never forget.

4.  Family Vacations

Finally, I recommend taking some kind of vacation together at least once a year.  Even if it is just a simple weekend camping trip, your family will treasure the time together and grow closer because of it.  Family vacations stand out in everyone’s mind.  They help you learn that you can rely on one another because in new places, you typically don’t have many others outside the family involved.

Vacations don’t have to be expensive just be creative but make them memorable. They create a sense of unity in the family, as a family you realize how much you need each other and how much you complement each other.


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